Resources for Ranchers Affected by Drought and Farmers with Excess Hay for Sale

Aug 16, 2017

The Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture has published a list of resources for ranchers affected by drought and farmers with excess hay for sale including, feed purchase and sell links, livestock water quality information and land available for grazing.

The resource page is available by clicking here.

Looking to Purchase or Sell Feed?

There are a number of online resources available to producers looking to purchase feed.

The Internet Hay Exchange

Join the Hay/Feed For Sale in Saskatchewan Facebook Page
(Facebook Account Required)

Check Kijiji Hay Listings

Livestock Water Quality

A number of factors affect the quality of surface water sources. Nutrient loading from spring or summer run-off, little to no re-charge from a dry spring, animal impact from direct cattle watering, and sub-surface soil or water salinity, are but a few of the possibilities.

Many dugouts located in saline areas may be fed from the bottom with saline ground water but will also benefit in terms of both quality and quantity from spring run-off. The water in these dugouts, has naturally high mineral levels to start with and, without fresh water recharge, and through the mineral concentration effects of evaporation, you may find that the mineral content is elevated to levels that are not suitable for use by fall. The only way to know for sure about the mineral content of these water sources is to have water tests done by a lab. Read more

List of Water Testing Labs

Land Available for Grazing

The Ministry of Environment made an announcement informing producers that 90,000 acres are available for grazing this summer.

Producers interested can visit or call toll free 1-844-306-3933 for more information and a list of FWDF land by RM.