Warren Kaeding MLA - Fall Session Part 2 - Report from the Legislature

Oct 29, 2018

In addition to standing up for Saskatchewan by challenging the Trudeau carbon tax in court, we will be advancing a number of new initiatives and legislation during the fall sitting. This includes:

  • Completing the new 284-bed state-of-the-art Saskatchewan Hospital North Battleford to help those facing significant mental health needs;
  • Continuing to improve response times and enhance officer visibility in rural Saskatchewan through the Protection and Response Team;
  • Becoming the first province in Canada with Clare’s Law – legislation designed to provide a framework for police services to disclose information about someone’s violent or abusive past to intimate partners who may be at risk;
  • Expanding interpersonal violence leave to include sexual violence of any kind;
  • Amending The Saskatchewan Employment Act to create a new critically ill adult leave to allow family members of critically ill adults to take up to 15 weeks leave to care for their family member;
  • Expanding parental leave from 37 weeks to 63 weeks and adding an additional week of maternity leave;
  • Apologizing to Sixties Scoop survivors in our province who were impacted by historical government policies of child apprehension and adoption;
  • Introducing changes to improve commercial driver training;
  • Increasing funding to improve intersection safety throughout the province;
  • Safely regulating the sale and distribution of cannabis through a competitive private model;
  • Amending The Police Act to enable rural municipalities and municipalities with populations under 500 to join regional police services;
  • Making changes to The Seizure of Criminal Property Act to make it easier for property to be seized if it has been acquired through unlawful activities;
  • Introducing legislation on trespassing laws to better address the balance between members of the public and the rights of rural landowners; and
  • Offering free hunting and fishing licenses to Canadian military veterans. 
While we face many challenges, Saskatchewan people are determined, resilient, resourceful and tenacious. Our government will always reflect those qualities as it stands up for our province and works to build a stronger Saskatchewan.