Warren Kaeding MLA, Report from the Legislature June 2017

Jun 15, 2017
Real facts on Provincial spending since 2007.

Real facts on Provincial spending since 2007:

  • $6 Billion on cumulative tax relief
  • $1 Billion in operational debt reduction
  • 112,000 low income individuals have been dropped from the Provincial tax rolls
  • Revenue sharing doubled. Now $257.5 Million
  • 750 more Doctors
  • 875 more Teachers and 165 more EA’s
  • $2.02 Billion for K-Grade 12 Education budget. Doubled from 2007.
  • 3000 more Nurses employed of every designation
  • $350 million spent on a 9-year initiative that has reduced the surgical wait times from the worst in Canada in 2006 to now the lowest in the country in 2016
  • $20 Billion has been spent on new infrastructure

    -Includes 9 record Highway Department budgets – over 12000 km built or repaired
    -40 new and replacement Schools
    -$1.4 billion in new health care infrastructures

…15 new Long-Term Care facilities

…3 new hospitals in Moose Jaw, North Battleford and Children’s Hospital in Saskatoon

A point to remember is that 72% of the total annual Provincial Budget of $14.8 Billion is now being spent on three areas - Health, Education and Social Services (Social Services budget was increased by 6.85%).

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