Warren Kaeding MLA, Report from the Legislature Sept, 2017

Sep 30, 2017

75% of the entire provincial budget (2017 expense budget at 14.7 b) is now spent on three main areas.

1. Health (2017 budget a record 5.17b in spending)

2. Education (2017 budget at 3.6 b down only 1.2%)

3. Social Services (2017 budget at 1.4 b increased 9.1%)

Whereas the three largest revenue generators have always been

1. Agriculture (2016 Ag products - exported value of $14.4 b)

2. Oil & Gas (2016 combined production value of $6.9b)

3. Potash (2016 sales value of $4.2b)

The following estimates change constantly and the numbers below just reflect the latest ΒΌ:

  • A $10 rise in the world wholesale price of Potash is worth $37 M to Provincial budget
  • A 1 penny decline in the Canadian $ is worth $26 M to the Provincial budget
  • A $1 rise in the world oil price is worth $17 M to the Provincial budget

Our economy is and always will be directly affected by world commodity prices.